17 Oct

The latest version of the Tangem Wallet is a modern piece of hardware that upgrades how we use and store cryptocurrencies.

Let's look at what makes the new Tangem Wallet a game-changer in the crypto security industry, from its beautiful new minimalist design and improved user interfaces to its broader security options.

Tangem 2.0 - What's New in The New Tangem Wallet?

What's the new Tangem Wallet about?

The new Tangem Wallet will offer users an even more seamless and secure experience managing their digital assets.

While creating the wallet, we compiled the most popular features requested by our community, listened to the broader crypto community regarding obstacles they face when switching to Tangem, and learned what the typical user desires in a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Features expected in the new Tangem cards

Here's what to expect from the new Tangem cards.

Seed phrase option

Many crypto users have asked us to provide the option to import and export their wallets via seed-phrase technology.

While we don't recommend going down this path as a security option for your crypto assets, we decided to provide it for those who insist on having a seedphrase.

There are now three ways of private key generation in the new Tangem wallet:

1. Using the certified True Random Number Generator TRNG, which generates and stores the keys inside the cards' chips.

Neither Tangem nor anyone else knows it. And no copies exist in space and time outside your Tangem cards (recommended).

If you create the wallet without the seed phrase option, generating a seed phrase later will never be possible.
Tangem’s philosophy of not using the seed phrases remains unchanged.

2. Generating a seed phrase with the Tangem app and importing it to the card.
3. Importing your seed phrase from another wallet.

There is no change for users who prefer not to use a seed phrase.

We recommend using the new Tangem Wallet the same way you use the first-generation Tangem Wallet :)

New card designs

Tangem - New card designs

Get ready to meet the sleek and stylish face of the Tangem family. With this design, we've taken our commitment to class and style to a whole new level. The matte black finish looks incredibly sharp and adds more sophistication to your crypto experience.

It's not just a wallet; it's a statement piece for the modern crypto enthusiast. And, of course, it's still packed with all the cutting-edge security features that Tangem is known for.

Tangem Chip

So, whether you're a seasoned crypto pro or just starting out, the new Tangem Wallet is designed to make your journey smoother, safer, and a whole lot cooler. 

App features expected in October, 2023

We'll start from small to big.

A new logo

Tangem - New logo

Tangem's got a brand-new look! Our simple, modern logo represents our commitment to making cryptocurrency simple and secure for everyone. It's sleek, stylish, and ready to take in your digital assets. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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New brand style

We carefully chose our new color palette to convey trust, security, and a touch of innovation. The shades of blue symbolize the reliability and stability of Tangem products, while the accent white color adds a sense of energy, invincibility, and purity.

Tangem: New brand style

It's a blend that captures our dedication to combining the best of tradition and innovation in blockchain technology.

Dark mode

We're excited to introduce you to one of the coolest features of the new Tangem Wallet — Dark mode.

We're excited to introduce you to one of the coolest features of the new Tangem Wallet — Dark mode.

We know how important it is to have options that suit your preferences and make your crypto experience as comfortable as possible.

With dark mode, you can now easily navigate the app, even in low-light environments. It's not just a stylish choice, but a practical one too. Plus, it's gentle on your eyes, making those late-night crypto check-ins easier.

Sorting and grouping tokens

Sort your tokens in any order that suits you best. Our new feature will allow you to sort tokens by balance or manually — if you prefer a personal touch. You can also group your assets by their blockchain networks. Experience a more organized crypto journey with Tangem!

Hiding your balance

We've added an extra layer of privacy to your crypto experience. You can now hide your balance and keep your crypto holdings discreet. Protect your privacy without sacrificing convenience.

24-hour token price changes

You'll be able to monitor changes to the prices of your assets over the past 24 hours directly in the Tangem app. We added this feature to help you make informed decisions in a dynamic market. Keeping tabs on your investments has never been this easy.

BTC, ETH transaction histories

The new Tangem Wallet allows you to check your BTC and ETH transaction histories in the app without needing third-party solutions. We're working hard to bring this feature to other blockchain networks — stay tuned.

Rapid access from the homepage

Tangem Wallet is simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Tap and hold a token to buy, sell, or hide it.

Turn off access code recovery

We've also boosted security by adding an option to turn off access code recovery.

24/7 support

We get it; sometimes, you need extra help, so we're thrilled to offer you 24/7 support at Tangem. Our support team will always be ready, no matter the hour or timezone.

Got a burning question about your Tangem wallet or need guidance on a transaction? We'll be there for you, day or night.

More features are on the way!

What's on the horizon at Tangem? We plan to add a market data feature inside the app, address book, cross-chain swap, staking, and more support for more blockchains. 

About Tangem

Tangem is a leading provider of secure hardware wallet solutions designed for the safekeeping and management of digital assets. Its mission is to empower individuals to take control of their digital wealth, with an emphasis on security, ease of use, and flexibility. Tangem's innovative products have garnered significant interest from investors and customers alike, driving the company's continued growth and success.

Source: Tangem.com


  • What makes Tangem Wallet different from other cold wallets?

Simplicity and security. Your Tangem wallet can be with you anytime; there is no need to charge or connect it with wires. The cards can fit in a pouch with your other credit cards, so you can sign your transactions anywhere. Tangem Wallet is also very easy to use: Just tap the card on your phone to access your crypto. In addition to convenience, the card’s EAL6+ certified chip is as secure as a biometric passport. Simply put, if other hardware wallets were made by geeks for geeks, we combined flawless simplicity and advanced security to make Tangem Wallet for everyone.

  • What's the difference between a 2-card and a 3-card set?

A 3-card set gives you a better chance at recovering access to your wallet than a 2-card set. If one card is lost or stolen, you can use the other card to access your wallet. But if you lose one card AND forget your access code, you’ll need a third card to reset the access code. Therefore, we recommend getting the 3-card set.

  • Do my cards depend on Tangem's servers or infrastructure?

Using the best technology humanity has to offer, we painstakingly designed our products to be fully autonomous. Neither Tangem servers nor services are participating or have access to your crypto activities. There is only your card, your phone, and the blockchain. Our products will remain functional in any circumstance: the Tangem App code is available on GitHub; it can be rebuilt even if Apple and Google remove it from their app stores.

  • If a Tangem Wallet card is stolen, can a third party gain access to the wallet?

No. An access code protects the wallet against unauthorized access by third parties and brute-force attacks.

  • Can I use a seed phrase in the wallet?

Using a seed phrase is optional. There are three ways of key generation in the new Tangem wallet: Using the certified True Random Number Generator TRNG, which generates and stores the keys inside the cards’ chips. Neither Tangem nor anyone else knows it. And no copies exist in space and time outside your Tangem cards (recommended). Generating a seed phrase with the Tangem app and importing it to the card. Importing your seed phrase from another wallet. Unlike the keys the card generates, seed phrases can be copied and stolen.

  • Will I lose access to my funds if my phone is lost or broken?

No, you will not lose access to your funds. You can use your card to access your wallet via any other mobile device. You just have to download the Tangem app on another phone and scan your Tangem cards. Remember, your phone doesn't store sensitive information; it’s just a screen that provides the wallet’s UI for easy access. You can use the Tangem wallet on two or more phones; the number doesn't matter because your wallet’s private keys are stored in the card’s chip.