OneKey Hardware Wallet Full Product Line: OneKey Mini, OneKey Classic, OneKey Touch, OneKey Lite, OneKey KeyTag, OneKey Nexa, OneKey Classic x OKX Hardware Wallet

OneKey Mini Hardware Wallet

OneKey Mini sized, without compromising safety

OneKey Mini Hardware Wallet. Mini sized, safety without compromise. Travel around all blockchains with one wallet. Safety without compromise. We use top secure chip to protect sensitive information. Perfectly compatible with the following third-party software.

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OneKey Classic Hardware Wallet

By far the most classic hardware wallet, the one that has it all

OneKey Classic Hardware Wallet has a high-performance Bluetooth module and a slim battery, so you can connect it to your phone to check or manage your cryptos whenever and wherever you want. No matter which platform you prefer, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux or even ChromeOS, we support them all.

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OneKey Touch Hardware Wallet

The most popular open source hardware wallet in Europe, USA and Asia

OneKey Touch. All-new design, secure chip supercharged, beautiful and true color display. The industry-leading client lets you securely manage all your crypto assets. 3.1-inch true color touchscreen. The world's first hardware wallet with Multi-Touch tech and true color display. Multi-chain. One platform for all your cryptos.

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OneKey Special Limited Time Offer: Get 10% OFF

Special OneKey Bundle

OneKey Special Limited Time Offer: Get 10% OFF OneKey Classic*1pcs + Mini*1pcs + KeyTag*1pcs: Crypto Hardware Wallet. Get 10% OFF. Keep your crypto assets safe, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Aptos and more. OneKey protects you from hackers and viruses, makes you sleep tight with ease.

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Nexa x OneKey Crypto Hardware Wallet

Nexa x OneKey. This Hardware Wallet is fully Nexa-branded and is thus a limited edition. The support and integration of Nexa into the OneKey hardware wallet have begun. OneKey has started to produce the limited edition Nexa OneKey Classic wallets, with hopes to ship these to customers by mid-July 2023.

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OneKey Lite - Recovery Phrase Backup Card

OneKey Crypto Seed Storage Lite Open Source Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrency Wallet Mnemonic Phrase Password Backup, Recovery Phrase Backup : Work APP. The size of One key Lite is 3.34×2.12×0.03 (inches). Water resistane.CC EAL6+ Security chip. Onekey Lite transmits data via NFC near-field communication.

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OneKey KeyTag - Recovery Phrase Storage Kit (2pcs with Punch Tool)

OneKey KeyTag Crypto Seed Storage, Cryptosteel Capsule Metal Wallet, Cold Storage Backup, 24 Words Bitcoin Key Phrase Storage, Steel Plate, Compatible with Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey

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OneKey Classic x OKX Hardware Wallet: Limited Edition

OneKey Classic x OKX Hardware Wallet: Limited Edition. Buy OneKey x OKX limited edition to have OneKey x OKX NFT! Please provide your OKTC address to receive NFT: 1. Click 'Add to Cart'; 2. Provide your OKTC address under 'Add a note to your order'; 3. Checkout and Done!

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