There are many Bitcoin Steel Wallets: Why Seedor Seed Phrase Backup is Best?

Seedor Safe enables the recovery seed of Bitcoin to be independently and permanently secured in extremely resistant stainless steel.

The idea of storing valuable information in durable material is of course not new, nor is it ours. The best-known example of this are probably the Golden Records, which are mounted on board the interstellar space probes Voyager 1 and 2. Image and audio information is stored on a 30-cm gold-plated copper disc - in the hope of one day being able to pass it on to potentially encountered intelligent life forms as they travel through space.

SEEDOR | Bitcoin Recovery Seed Back Up. Seedor Safe enables the recovery seed of Bitcoin to be independently and permanently secured in extremely resistant stainless steel

And even more specifically on the subject of Bitcoin, there are now a variety of products that allow the Bitcoin seed phrase to be stored in resistant materials such as stainless steel and titanium. Before we set out to develop Seedor, we tested many products available on the market and roughly divided them into the following two groups for us.

The Seedor Safe enables the recovery seeds of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be independently and permanently secured in extremely resistant stainless steel.


Group 1 - "the braille code generators"

These products usually consist of a simple steel plate, which is provided with a laser engraved matrix of letters and numbers. With the help of a hammer and a pick, the user can then mark the respective words of the seed phrase in the matrix. This is a simple and inexpensive solution. In our opinion, however, it has significant drawbacks in terms of readability. And somehow this solution doesn't feel really secure to us either, since the wallet can quickly be rendered unusable with a few more hammer blows, and an accidental mispunch during embossing can't actually be corrected. Another criticism is the inefficient use of space, since the entire alphabet has to be mapped in the matrix for each digit in each word of the seed phrase, you carry around a lot of unused information on the storage medium.

Group 2 - "the alphabet soup."

As far as the use of space is concerned, this product group is already quite a bit more efficient. Pre-stamped letters in miniature size are supplied, from which the seed phrase is replicated in surgical precision work and usually inserted into a cassette element, which is then finally locked. Without tools, this allows the Bitcoin back-up to be created in a relatively short amount of time. However, we really could never get completely comfortable with this system, since an unintentional opening of the cassette (e.g., by a curious child) would most likely lead to the irrevocable loss of the seed phrase and thus access to its Bitcoin. In addition, this system quickly reaches its limits when subjected to thermal and mechanical stress. In the famous Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Review by Jamesson Lopp, some providers of this system failed.

Even if this may seem so at first, we do not want to criticize other systems at this point, because their use or the storage of the seed phrase with the help of the described product groups is already many times more secure than a back-up on paper. We just want to show that for us the perfect solution had not been invented yet, which finally moved us to start the Seedor project.

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So why Seedor?

With Seedor Safe, we wanted to create a Bitcoin seed phrase back-up that would meet all of our requirements for quality, security, durability, and ease of use. In doing so, we set the following goals: 

1. 100% protection against external influences and generation-spanning durability

For a durable and resistant storage of the Bitcoin Recovery Seed, metal, especially stainless steel, is a good choice. The material is resistant to water, fire (up to about 1450° C), corrosion and mechanical stress. For Seedor we use stainless steel type 1.4301 certified according to EN ISO 9001. All elements of the Seedor safe as well as the corresponding discs are made of exactly the same alloy in order to exclude contact corrosion and thus to guarantee durability over generations. We could also offer the Seedor system in titanium, but we deliberately started with stainless steel, since titanium objects are rarely found in the house and can be quickly located with a metal detector precisely calibrated to longitudinal frequencies. Stainless steel offers the advantage here that it does not stand out from the rebar.

2. Possibility to restore the seed even if the hardware is opened or destroyed

It goes without saying that the seed back-up should be kept in a safe place without any possibility of access by third parties. Nevertheless, we can imagine moments (e.g. the interested child who found out the secret hiding place, the already mentioned inheritance case and a non-specialist heir or simply two left hands and a bad day) when the possibility of opening the Steel Wallet represents a significant security risk.

To exclude this eventuality, we have designed the Seedor Safe in such a way that even in the event of the wallet being opened and falling apart, the Seed Phrase and thus access to the Bitcoin would not be lost. This was solved quite simply by using one disk per word of the seed phrase and then stamping it with the respective number according to the sequence in the seed.

3. Emboss seed phrase in full length - and in the smallest possible space.

In the BIP39 encryption standard, knowledge of the first four letters of each of the 2048 possible words is sufficient to recover the wallet. In many hardware wallets, even after entering the first four letters, the seed word in question is automatically displayed. And yet we wanted to design our Steel Wallet in such a way that the mapping of the entire seed back-up is possible with the full word length in each case.For example, if the entire information is stored in the back-up, this could make it easier to pass bitcoin to descendants in the event of an unexpected inheritance, without the need for additional explanation of the facts. If you use electrum you will also have noticed that there are still legacy words in addition to the BIP39 Standard (Happen, Happy and Happiness),as well as the possibility to extend the seed phrase with additional words, which requires to store more than the first 4 letters.

4. Cost-efficient option to create copies of the back-up or additional wallets.

What is better than one bitcoin back-up? That's right, two Bitcoin back-ups. We are a big fan of great security and risk mitigation. If you are really serious about it, you should double-secure your seed phrase. In addition, it is advisable not to store all Bitcoin on one wallet. If you follow both recommendations, you will need at least four backups. Since Bitcoiners are known to be rather reluctant to spend money that they could also save in sats, we have designed the Seedor system so that the acquisition costs for each additional back-up become relatively cheaper. At the beginning there is the one-time investment for the Starter Set. 

The Seedor safes in bundles or three-packs come with a volume discount and are cheaper than all the other market players.

5. All-inclusive Set - "Punch & Play"

Yes, there are numerous creative and good ways to create a Bitcoin back-up in classic DIY fashion. But real Bitcoiners know - time is money. Next block, tick tock. That's why we have set ourselves the goal to provide you with a complete set, with which you can get started right away without spending a lot of time and without additional shopping activities. The individual components are precisely matched to each other and thus enable a precise and ultimately visually appealing Bitcoin back-up, which you (provided you hodled) will enjoy for a lifetime. And if you've been guarding your Bitcoin for the next generation your whole life, you should also pass it on in a stylish form worthy of the occasion.

Last but not least: why is there a hammer in the starter set? Yes they really exist - frugal Bitcoiners who don't own a hammer. Then there is a larger group that does have a hammer, but only with a 300 g head. However, a really good minting result is only achieved with a 500 g hammer - that's why (and because of a little Easter Egg, which we definitely didn't want to deprive you of) the hammer is included in the Seedor Starter Set.

The SEEDOR (the "Seed Tresor (Vault)" is from our point of view the perfect solution for a secure Bitcoin Back-Up, which allows the user to mint the Bitcoin Recovery Seed of any hardware or software wallet in a space-saving way in massive stainless steel and is thus absolutely secure against external attacks ready to last for generations.

SEEDOR: Bitcoin Recovery Seed Backup 

  • Extremely resistant
    Embossed in the finest stainless steel, the Recovery Seed is protected from fire, water and corrosion.
  • Highest security
    Tamper-proof stickers with serial numbers make the Seedor Safe tamper-proof.
  • Compact and mobile

Due to its compact design, the Seedor Safe can be easily hidden and transported.

  • Compatible
    The Seedor Safe is compatible with most hardware wallets such as B. Ledger, Trezor, Bitbox.
  • Hackerproof
    100% offline and discrete cold storage solution and thus protection against hacker attacks.
  • Simple application
    The starter set comes with all the tools you need to create the recovery seed backup.

The SEEDOR Safe allows youm to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely and  permanently by securing the recovery seed in solid stainless steel. With the help of the starter set you can discreetly and independently of third parties emboss your seed in high quality stainless steel disks and then store them safely in the SEEDOR Safe.


What is the Seedor Safe and what advantages does it offer?

The Seedor Safe allows you to securely and permanently store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by storing your recovery seeds in solid stainless steel. With the help of the starter set, you can discreetly and independently of third parties emboss your seed in solid stainless steel discs and then safely stow them away in the Seedor Safe on your own.

What is a Recovery Seed and where can I get it?

In cryptocurrencies, a "recovery seed" or "seed" for short is nothing more than a list of words in a specific order that contains all the information needed to recover your wallet. The recovery seed is usually generated automatically when using a hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger, Trezor or Bitbox) and consists of a sequence of 12-24 words. 

What material is the Seedor Safe made of? 

All elements of the Seedor safe are made from the finest V2A stainless steel (AISI 304 or 1.4301). In order to rule out contact corrosion, care is taken to ensure that all elements are manufactured with exactly the same alloy.

What protection does the Seedor Safe offer?

In the Seedor Safe, your Recovery Seed is permanently protected against fire, water and corrosion. You can also make your Seedor safe tamper-proof by applying our numbered tamper-proof stickers. It is not possible to open the safes without destroying the stickers.

How long is my guarantee?

We offer a lifetime guarantee for the Seedor Safe. Of course, we cannot accept any liability for the loss of your Recovery Seed.

How many letters fit on the discs?

Each disc has space for up to 8 letters and 2 numbers. The words of the recovery seed can thus be stamped onto the discs in their entirety.

How many discs fit in the Seedor Safe?

By installing 12 to 24 disks, there is still enough space in the Seedor Safe so that the recovery seed can be read without loosening the nut. Theoretically, even up to 40 discs fit in the Seedor Safe. However, to avoid confusion, we recommend keeping only one seed in a safe.

What is the best surface to emboss my seed on?

The best embossing result can be achieved on a solid and hard base (e.g. workbench, solid parasol stand or simply stone floor). We advise against embossing on brittle surfaces such as tiles or granite floors.

Can I return my Seedor Safe?

You have a 30-day right of return. The prerequisite for a full refund of the purchase price is, of course, that the discs are unembossed and that all items are in perfect, unused condition. The return costs are on you.

How is the shipment made?

We send all shipments with DHL. For additional anonymity, you can also have your shipment sent to a Packstation.

How much is the shipping?

Shipping is free for orders over €90. Below that you pay €4.95 per shipment.

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