BC Vault Hardware Wallet Review: Innovations in 2023-2024

BC Vault Hardware Wallet: increased security, cryptocurrency exchange, customization, and other innovations in 2023-2024

BC Vault Hardware Wallet Collection

The overview of the BC Vault wallet includes not only a description of the functional and technical characteristics, but also a description of the innovations that the developers of the wallet added in 2022-2024, thereby strengthening the competitive advantages of this device.

The digital funds’ safeties are the key points to consider while choosing a non-custodial storage solution. Although the hardware crypto wallets’ market is fulfilled with the offers, not too many of them boast a crystal-clean reputation for the history of past hacks.

Add here the demand for the extended on-ramp functionality, and even some more players will leave the chat. The one who would be still in-game is BC Vault, which genuinely combines outstanding security level with a wide range of user-oriented options alike instant in-app swaps and crypto purchases. Let’s take a closer look at what the BC Vault device has to offer.

BC Vault Hardware Wallet - The World's Safest Hardware Crypto Wallet. Unrivaled Security and User-Experience, Free Backup System, and More

Technology Overview

REAL Security Inc. has challenged rival hardware wallet vendors with their new storage device. BC Vault (Blockchain Vault) is a multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet that generates nondeterministic wallets, provides easy and secure crypto transactions, and offers encrypted backups by default.

Main features:

  • Independently generated private keys:

BC Vault acts as a true random number generator (RNG) and can generate over 2000 individual, nondeterministic wallets. Each private key is generated independently of the other, which means that no two keys are mathematically related. If a wallet is compromised, it cannot be traced to other wallets in BC Vault. Each wallet can also be locked with a different PIN and password.

  • Backup to external media and paper:

BC Vault provides long-term storage that allows users to encrypt backups. Instead of having a single, unencrypted recovery seed, each wallet can be reserved individually on an unlimited number of secure external media or in the form of printed QR codes. Each device already includes a 1 GB microSD card.

  • Large display and D-panel:

2.42-inch 128 × 64-pixel OLED display fits all the transaction details are displayed on the screen. The display shows the full sender and recipient addresses, wallet name, cryptocurrency amount, and commission (including warnings about unusually high TX fees). The 4-way control panel provides easy navigation and improved response.

  • Secure storage:

Private keys are stored in FRAM, which has a bandwidth 1000 times higher and consumes 250 times less power than Flash. The chip prevents malware from affecting connected devices and guarantees reliable data storage for more than 200 years at a temperature of 35°C. The firmware update (certificate signed) is always performed on an inactive partition to prevent any errors and device breakage during the update procedures.

  • Strong encryption:

Each BC Vault is pre-protected with a private key, which corresponds to a public address that owns 1.0 BTC. As an act of trust in bulletproof encryption, the wallet is encrypted in exactly the same way as other BC Vault wallets.

  • Support for multiple cryptocurrency and native ERC20 tokens: 

The BC Vault hardware wallet allows simultaneous use of multiple wallets and cryptocurrencies in a single application. This is also the first support for the built-in storage of all ERC20 tokens (over 170,000). Without having to rely on third-party apps or websites, users can manage BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, DASH, XRP, XLM, and many other supported currencies.

  • Anonymity:

Wallets on a hardware device are generated independently and cannot be traced to a single device. BC Vault also does not have a serial number, which ensures complete anonymity of its owner.

  • Supported currencies: 

BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XRP, XLM, BCH, DOGE, ERC20 + 1700 other tokens.

  • Specifications:
  • Size: 100mm x 57mm x 10mm;
  • Weight: 41g;
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C;
  • Screen: OLED 61.5 mm, 128 × 64 pixels;
  • Connector: USB Type-C;
  • Additional Slot: Micro SD;
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS.

Starting with the security, the main point that stands BC Vault One, the basic hardware device by BC Vault, out on the list of other wallets for bitcoin and other cryptos is the advanced key generation method.

Most popular crypto wallets (both hardware and software) use either BIP39 or BIP44 libraries to generate seeds, which provide end-users with an unencrypted mnemonic phrase. This could be considered as a real threat for all assets kept within the device in case of the backup leaks out or being reached by fraudsters.

BC Vault’s creators have chosen a different path. BC Vault One is equipped with a gyro sensor (RNG) that generates a separate pair of keys, giving users more anonymity, as there’s no deterministic structure used, and two addresses cannot be mathematically linked between each other. Once the new wallet is created, the keys are encrypted by default. 

Keys Storage

BC Vault hardware wallet stores end-user’s private keys in FRAM, which differs it from most devices of similar type that rely on Flash memory. Thanks to this innovative solution, the BC Vault One gets a significant boost in processing speed and becomes literally immortal with 200+ years of expected lifetime.


As a “proof of security” demonstration, each BC Vault is preloaded with a wallet with 1 BTC balance serving as a bug bounty for someone to unlock it.

BC Vault’s state-of-the-art security approach contains five layers. The first three from the list below refer to a specific physical device, and the latter two aim to protect a specific wallet.

  • Global Password;
  • Global PIN;
  • The device itself or a backup;
  • Wallet Password;
  • Wallet PIN.

This highly secured access makes the funds practically unreachable for intruders, as they have to pass all five prevention levels to get the user’s funds. Sounds like a dead-end for any security threat.

On the other hand, this makes BC Vault very comfortable and still unconditionally secure for joint use. Say, two people might both know the Global PIN and password for their device, while their personal funds are kept safe and isolated on different individually protected wallets. By the way, each BC Vault device allows creating more than 2000 of them!


The BC Vault device is easily recognized with its big 2.42-inch OLED and 4-directional jog dial below, making the wallet a little bit like the good ol’ iPod Shuffle. The body of the device is both available in plastics and aluminum with several colors to choose from.It’s easy to recognize that the wallets’ useability was at the very core for the BC Vault team when working on their device. With its wide bright display, you’ll never miss vital information like recipient address, funds, fees, and wallet name.

Thus, the risk of losing your funds because of accidentally confirming the wrong transaction reduces to zero.Apart from the device itself, the package contains a USB-C to USB cable, 1GB microSD card, and a welcome guide.

Customization of the appearance of the BC Vault Hardware Wallet

Customization of the appearance of the BC Vault Hardware Wallet

Create a completely unique BC Vault wallet with a new customizer and get your own, engraved crypto wallet! The only limit is your imagination. You can choose from various fonts and premade patterns, or you can upload your very own images and pattern. The engraving on the device is very high quality, as seen on examples below. 

Make sure that your new crypto wallet will be, not only the safest wallet in the world but also the most beautiful and unique crypto wallet!

With a new product customizer, you can make your wallet look exactly as you want it to!

You can:

  • upload your own images, textures and patterns,
  • add your company logo,
  • write a custom text on the device,
  • choose between some of our beautiful, head-turning presets.
Customization of the appearance of the BC Vault Hardware Wallet

The Application

BC Vault’s infrastructure isn’t limited only by a physical device, but it also contains a native application for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The app itself supports over 163,000 coins and ERC-20 tokens available for cold storage on BC Vault device, so there’s absolutely no need to switch between different apps or using 3rd party’s software.

Additionally to the outstanding range of adopted assets, the native BC Vault application offers functionality that goes far beyond the ordinary cold storage idea. Thus, within the last year, the BC Vault team has introduced both on-ramp crypto-exchange and purchasing solutions acquired through the API by industry-leading providers like Wyre and Changelly.

With all these options onboard, BC Vault One becomes not only one of the most secured devices to store but a truly convenient solution to manage your multi-asset funds.

Changelly - Your simple access to crypto

Integration of the Changelly exchange platform into the BC Vault Hardware Wallet

BC Vault hardware wallets have been empowered with Changelly’s premier swapping solution, providing access to instant crypto-to-crypto exchanges of over 100 available digital assets.

From now on, all existing and future BC Vault cold wallet owners will be able to enjoy instant transactions at fixed and floating rates. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for crypto to arrive in the wallet of your choice. This API integration, together with BC Vault’s advanced security system that is aimed at protecting user funds from all types of illegal activities, will solidify the company’s leading position on the market.

Why Choose BC Vault Over Ledger Or Trezor?

Here Are The 30 Reasons & Facts:

1.    BC Vault Stores Backups Securely

This means that you can give your SD card or Paper QR to a friend without them being able to spend your coins; provided your passwords are long enough and cannot be guessed.

2.    No More Time Consuming And User-Unfriendly Applications 

BC Vault is fast, reliable and does everything in one single native application. Easily switch between different currencies, add new ones and update your firmware with one click.

3.    Proven Security

Each BC Vault houses the private key for a Bitcoin wallet containing 1 BTC. This bounty wallet is encrypted the same way as any other BC Vault wallet. So far no-one has managed to break the encryption and take the bounty.

4.    No More Online Attack Vectors 

Your private keys are never exposed to any other device.

5.    No More Batteries And Wireless Connections 

BC Vault does not need to be charged before being used and is protected against wireless attacks.

6.    No More Using Switching Between Different Applications 

For different cryptocurrencies – BC Vault does the magic in one native application.

7.    State Of The Art Random Number Generation

BC Vault creates revolutionary human powered random number generation using the included accelerometer instead of a proprietary chip.

8.    BC Vault Provides Deep Exchange Integration

Allowing you to securely swap your coins without leaving the app. All exchange data is cryptographically signed by the exchange and checked on the device itself.

9. Flash Memory Degrades Quickly, Sometimes Even 1 Year Unpowered Can Be Catastrophic 

BC Vault uses FeRAM which has a 120 years of data retention rate.

10.  No More Hammering Seed Words On A Steel Board

 BC Vault’s backup system is designed to be as quick and easy as possible for the user.

11.  No More Small Display

And incomplete screen information that causes mistakes – BC Vault has a large display showing all information for confirming the transaction. Put away your magnifying glass!

12.  No More Fee Mistakes

 BC Vault warns you before you spend any excessive amount on a transaction.

13.  No Need For More Than One Hardware Wallet 

BC Vault offers creation of more than 2000 independent wallets in one device. One BC Vault can be securely shared by multiple people, if they set up their own wallets with unique passwords and pins.

14.  No More "Read Protection Attack" And "Seed Extraction Attack"

Like in the case of BIP 39/44 based deterministic wallets and their unfixable security issues due to legacy design – BC Vault uses NON – deterministic wallets, which means that any two wallets on the same device cannot be mathematically linked.

15.  No More Fear Of Privacy

 With unique chip serial numbers – BC Vault contains no serial or numbers; we know nothing about you.

16.  The Device Is Glued Shut

 To make a coin thief’s job even harder. BC Vault is difficult to open without noticeable damage to the outside.

17.  BC Vault Offers You transparent And Seamless SegWit Support.

BC Vault handles SegWit addresses like different variants of a standard addresses. One wallet on the BC Vault contains the sum of all different wallet types. The user never needs to fiddle with implementation details.

18.  No More HW Wallets With Successful And Proven Attack Methods

BC Vault according to a Forbes quote belongs to a few solutions that have had zero security incidents.

19.  No More Firmware Corruption

BC Vault uses dual flash which protects the firmware even in the case of power or connection loss.

20.  BC Vault Supports All ERC-20 Tokens 

All manageable in ONE native application.

21.  BC Vault Offers Browser

Agnostic API support, even Internet Explorer 11 will work with BC Vault.

22.  Existing Solutions Based On The Web3 Library

Can effortlessly add support for BC Vault.

23.  Industry Standard

U2F and Windows, Linux and OSX support.

24.  BC Vault Enables You Also To Delete Certain Wallets 

That you do not want to keep on your device. This will securely erase their private keys and all traces of them in the FeRAM.

25.  What Real Users Think Of BC Vault

BC Vault has the highest rating on TRUST PILOT for any cold wallet.

26.  BC Vault Has Certificate Of Conformity

And is in compliance with international safety standards: EN 60950-1 :2006 + A 1:2010 + A2:2013 + A 11 :2009 + A 12:2011.

27.  BC Vault Has Complete Security Assessment Certificate And Successfully Passed:

Architecture review, Software and Hardware penetration tests and Security review.

28. BC Vault Provides Comfortable And Secure Exchange

Between different crypto currencies you hold on the device.

29. BC Vault Is Available In

English, German and Mandarin language.

30. BC Vault Is Adopted Also For Left Hand Users.

Simply turn the device around and you can use the pad with your left hand!


The basic BC Vault One device currently costs only €131.

BC Vault Hardware Wallet Official Shop

This perfectly secured wallet boasts all the cutting-edge technologies described above and is delivered complete with a USB cable and microSD card – everything you may need during the device use.

Those looking for some unique designs will enjoy the long list of BC Vault One modifications, that include 5+ additional positions. The crypto safekeeping fans are welcomed to choose between dark or silver aluminum modification and the recently released BC Vault Huobi Special Edition.

All models and editions of the BC Vault Hardware Wallet devices can be found in the official BC Vault Hardware Wallet Store.


BC Vault One is an undoubted front-runner among the hardware crypto wallets in terms of security and is a real alternative to popular devices such as Trezor and Ledger. With state-of-the-art proprietary technology and one of the most convenient applications, BC Vault is a wallet that should be considered to store crypto.

BC Vault is the most secure hardware crypto wallet with a proven track record of having zero hack incidents. Each device is pre-loaded with 1 Bitcoin as a company’s commitment to its security promise.

BC Vault stands out with a unique combination of security and usability to secure digital assets: private keys are encrypted and stored in a state-of-art storage medium Ferroelectric RAM that has the retention of over 200 years prone to magnetic fields not featured in any other wallet available.

For more information please visit: www.bc-vault.com    


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