CoolWallet's New NFT Wallet Feature: Elevate Your Digital Art Gallery Experience

CoolWallet is excited to unveil our new NFT Wallet feature, an immersive NFT gallery experience for CoolWallet App users!

Seamlessly explore, manage, and trade your NFTs on Ethereum with a visually stunning showcase design that redefines your relationship with your treasured digital art assets.

CoolWallet: New Future. NFT Wallet

CoolWallet’s New NFT Gallery: Key Highlights

Security And Convenience

Rest easy knowing that your NFT security is our top priority. Your digital treasures are safeguarded by cutting-edge cold storage technology such as an EAL6+ secure element, biometric verification, and advanced Bluetooth encryption.

With CoolWallet Pro (for advanced users) and CoolWallet S (for beginners), the slimmest and lightest hardware wallet, managing your NFTs becomes a breeze. Safely send and trade your NFTs anytime, anywhere, without a worry. Your NFT experience just got simpler, safer, and more convenient.

CoolWallet: Security And Convenience

Showcase (and Show Off) Your NFT Treasures

Step into the enchanting realm of your own personal virtual gallery. NFT Wallet introduces a captivating and immersive collection-first experience.

  • Watch as your NFTs on Ethereum take on the form of exquisite art pieces, crafting a visual symphony that proudly showcases your one-of-a-kind digital gems.
  • Interact with your digital art across diverse creative forms, such as captivating images or audio.
  • Instantly view NFT collection data, particularly ERC-1155 tokens, at a glance.
Showcase (and Show Off) Your NFT Treasures

CoolWallet gives you the keys to your own one-of-a-kind NFT kingdom. Manage and appreciate your unique collection with ease and simplicity. Your journey through your NFT universe has never been more captivating or enlightening.

Organize Your NFT Universe

Take control of your virtual gallery space with CoolWallet and reflect your unique taste and artistic narrative:

  • Tailor your viewing experience by hiding or showing NFTs based on your preferences.
  • Enjoy the freedom to curate your collection Sort your NFTs based on various criteria – from acquisition date to floor price.
  • Effortlessly and intuitively explore and oversee your NFT collection on Ethereum, harnessing its true value.
Organize Your NFT Universe

Detailed NFT Insights And Direct Trading Connectivity

NFT Wallet empowers you with insights to explore and enrich your connection to each piece.

Dive deep into the details of each NFT on Ethereum.

  • Gain a wealth of knowledge about your pieces, from the NFT introduction to the smart contract address.
  • Connect seamlessly to the best NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur with one click.
  • Explore new opportunities to trade and acquire digital NFT art, all from within the comfort of your gallery.
Detailed NFT Insights And Direct Trading Connectivity

Effortless Sending And Receiving

Sending and receiving NFTs with CoolWallet is as seamless as it gets.

Whether you want to send a single or multiple NFTs simultaneously, CoolWallet NFT Wallet feature has you covered.

Multiple identical NFTs (ERC-1155 standard) can be effortlessly sent in one transaction and is particularly useful for Web3 gaming wizards who want full control over their game-related decentralized assets.

Moreover, CoolWallet NFT Wallet goes beyond just sending and receiving – it empowers you with a comprehensive transaction history. By keeping track of all your NFT exchanges and activities effortlessly, you’ll have valuable insights into your NFT’s journey. 

Effortless Sending And Receiving

Embark on a journey of NFT exploration and digital empowerment with CoolWallet.

The NFT Wallet feature is poised to reshape the way you engage with your NFT collection, offering a unique blend of artistry, functionality, and connectivity.


  • Immersive NFT Gallery Experience on CoolWallet App:
    • Explore, manage, and trade NFTs on Ethereum.
    • Enjoy a visually stunning gallery showcase for your NFTs
    • Simplified, safer, and more convenient NFT management.
  • Security and Convenience:
    • Elite NFT hardware wallet security technology built for Web3
    • Cutting-edge cold storage features include EAL6+ secure element, biometric verification, and advanced Bluetooth encryption.
    • CoolWallet Pro for advanced users and CoolWallet S for beginners.
    • Slimmest and lightest hardware wallet.
  • Showcase Your NFT Treasures:
    • Enjoy your personal virtual gallery for an immersive collection-first experience.
    • Display your Ethereum NFTs as exquisite art pieces.
    • Interact with diverse creative forms, including images and audio.
    • Instant view of NFT collection data, especially ERC-1155 tokens.
  • Organize Your NFT Universe:
    • Tailor your viewing experience by hiding or showing NFTs.
    • Freedom to curate collections.
    • Sort NFTs by various criteria, such as acquisition date or floor price.
    • Intuitive exploration and management of Ethereum NFT collection.
  • Detailed NFT Insights and Direct Trading Connectivity:
    • Dive into the details of each NFT on Ethereum.
    • Gain access to data, from NFT introduction to smart contract address.
    • Connect in one click to top NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur.
    • Seize opportunities to trade and acquire digital NFT art within the gallery.
  • Effortless Sending and Receiving:
    • Send and receive NFTs with ease in cold storage
    • Send single or multiple NFTs simultaneously.
    • Send a batch of multiple identical NFTs (ERC-1155 standard) in one transaction.
    • Comprehensive transaction history for tracking NFT exchanges and activities.
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