ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet: The Most Secure Way to Store Your Crypto

Cold wallets are completely offline and isolated from any connections. This makes cold wallets immune to any types of online hacks, completely securing your cryptocurrency. It is very important to have a cold wallet if you are a cryptocurrency investor.

Many people invest in cryptocurrency in different ways, some people like to trade, and some prefer to hold for the long term. In the cryptocurrency market, there are also many coins and tokens to choose from, whether it will be the classics like BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, ADA, or the newer coins like AVAX, SOL, DOT, MATIC, and ATOM.  

One thing in common, however, is that every currency needs a place to be stored. In the real world, we store money in our wallets, our safes, or in the bank. In the crypto world, you can store them on exchanges, hot wallets, hardware wallets, or cold wallets. They are all different in the level of security and ease of access.

Crypto security is a very serious matter. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning there are no police or banks that are responsible for protecting your assets. Everyone is in charge of their own money.

This also means that if someone stole your money, no one will help you get it back. That is why it is incredibly important to secure your crypto safely with a ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet.

Listing from most secure to least secure

Cold Wallets - the king of security

Without further ado, we will dive into the safest way to store whatever currency you are investing in. Whether you are investing your yearly bonuses or your life savings, it is important to know that: if you take crypto seriously, you should have at least one cold wallet.

Cold wallets are devices that are designed especially to hold cryptocurrency. Cold wallets are designed to be 100% offline at all times and are isolated from any type of network or connection.

Most cryptocurrency thefts are done through online hacking. Because cold wallets are always offline and void of any connections, hackers will find it almost impossible to get anything from the cold wallet.

Many people would say that cold wallets are the most difficult to use but this is not true anymore. Modern cold wallets are designed to be very simple and quick to operate without sacrificing any security.

Very secure cold wallets like ELLIPAL are designed with ease of use in mind. It has a large touch screen and can perform transactions easily through QR code scanning. It also works with a smartphone App which makes it very convenient. 

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are also devices that are specially designed to secure cryptocurrency. They can be seen as predecessors to the modern cold wallets because they share the same concept but the technology it has does not allow them to be as secure. 

Hardware wallets are offline and isolated most of the time. The only time isolation is broken is when a transaction must be made. A hardware wallet normally requires users to connect the wallet to a PC or smartphone via Bluetooth or USB cable to finish a transaction.

The connection made during a transaction poses a big risk to the cryptocurrency inside because hackers can use that window of opportunity to steal information. Compared to Cold Wallets that are 100% offline at all times, Hardware Wallet is not the perfect security solution. 

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet

Hot Wallets

Hot wallets are the most popular type of wallet because they can be downloaded for free from App Stores and used directly on the smartphone. However, as mentioned, without network isolation like a cold wallet, there is always a risk that hackers can steal your information.

A smartphone is always online and can be connected to other devices easily through Bluetooth and WiFi, making it a very easy target for hackers. The security of hot wallets is incomparable to cold wallets. 


Exchanges are used mostly for trading, not for storing assets. When you use an exchange, your assets are stored on the exchange platform and not on the device you are using. This means that your assets are not in your control. If the exchange decides to close down, your assets will also disappear. 

Why Cold Wallet is the Best Security Solution

The most important factor when it comes to storing cryptocurrency is whether the crypto can be kept completely offline or not. Because cryptocurrency is decentralized and digitalized, storing it offline is the most secure and effective way. 

Cold Wallets are the most secure device when it comes to securing cryptocurrency because it is always offline and cannot be connected to other devices.

Cold Wallets like ELLIPAL also make it very easy for users to operate and carry out transactions. There are also functions that allow trading, staking, investing, and buying crypto. Cold wallets nowadays are not only incredibly secure, but they are also very useful.

ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet is the best air-gapped hardware wallet in 2023-2024

ELLIPAL Titan is one of the most popular hardware wallets. Its unique technical characteristics and consumer properties, absolute protection against remote, physical, online attacks, protection against disassembly and hacking, full control when transferring data from a cold wallet using a QR code, no need for a network connection-these are the main competitive advantages of this wallet.

Details - about the new product line of ELLIPAL in 2023-2024:

Let's take a closer look at what distinguishes ELLIPAL Titan from other hardware wallets, what are its advantages and strengths.

In addition, we will learn about the air gap technology, the advantages of this technology, and also consider similar hardware wallets with air gap technology. Find out why the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet is the best hardware wallet with an air gap (air-gapped wallet).

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet

A list of hardware wallets with air gap technology is presented in this article.

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet
ELLIPAL Cold Wallet

Transactions with an air gap

One of the main advantages of the ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet is the Air-gap technology. The Air-gap technology implemented in ELLIPAL fully protects against unauthorized access, cyber attacks, hacking and any other vulnerability, risks associated with connecting to the Internet via USB cable or Bluetooth. The air gap ensures that the ELLIPAL cold wallet is physically isolated from the public network, which makes it significantly more secure than other popular hardware wallets. At the same time, the owner of the wallet has full control over his private keys.

How Transactions with QR-Codes Work

It is important to note that the QR code generation used in ELLIPAL is open source and can be checked for the absence of private key leaks.

Protection Against Unauthorized Access and hacking

Interference in the supply chain is one of the methods of hacking hardware wallets and unauthorized access to crypto assets. This can happen before the user (owner) of the wallet uses it. ELLIPAL is designed in such a way that the functions of protection against dismantling and unauthorized access ensure that this method of hacking cannot occur.

ELLIPAL can also detect if your data is compromised. In this case, a special chip will delete the data from the device. At the same time, you should, of course, create a backup copy of your device before using it.

The ELLIPAL cannot be disassembled without leaving serious damage - the case is completely metal. Special accessories protect against dust and moisture. The ELLIPAL case is resistant to impact and crushing.

Comprehensive Security

The ELLIPAL wallet has a comprehensive security technology that protects the user's crypto assets from hacking attempts, while providing mobile support.

In addition to the function of protection from physical impact, an essential security parameter of the wallet is that ELLIPAL does not have a physical Internet connection. 

ELLIPAL is a completely sealed hardware wallet that uses only a QR code to transfer data. It cannot be connected to connections such as USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. All transactions are securely signed only using QR codes. All QR codes are secure and verifiable. The high level of security is confirmed by the fact that ELLIPAL has publicly posted its open source QR code on GitHub.

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet

Encrypted Files

Update files verification is also open source and can be verified that every update files are properly encrypted to avoid any fake firmware. This is another great security feature of the ELLIPAL wallet. 

A wide range of supported cryptocurrencies

ELLIPAL Supports 52+ Blockchains and 10,000+ Tokens. New assets are added every week. This defines it as the most versatile wallet in the world compared to other wallets in which users cannot access many currencies at the same time. 

ELLIPAL Supports 40+ Blockchains and 10,000+ Tokens.

With ELLIPAL Titan, you can create multiple accounts on the same device, and each account can contain every coin that ELLIPAL supports. There is no need to install anything, which is very convenient.

Convenience is an important consumer property

ELLIPAL is also very easy to use for any age group, as it has a large 4-inch touch screen with high sensitivity.

To manage crypto assets, you will need to download the ELLIPAL app for your mobile phone. ELLIPAL is easy to use.

Unlike other wallets, ELLIPAL uses a QR code instead of USB or Bluetooth to communicate with the application, which is, firstly, a secure, and secondly, a convenient property.

Comparison of ELLIPAL with other hardware wallets

Compare the models of hardware wallets from leading manufacturers according to various technical and functional characteristics and choose the best option for yourself. 

Use comparison table*.

ModelLedger Nano X BitBox02 TREZOR Model T ELLIPAL Titan KeepKey 
   PlatformWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, iOSWindows, MacOS, Linux, AndroidWindows, Mac, Linux, AndroidAndroid, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome OS
  BrandLedgerSHIFT CryptosecuritySatoshiLabsELLIPALKeepKey
  Altcoin SupportYesYesYesYesYes
FIDO U2F AuthenticatorYesYesYesYesNo
 Supported Coins90+45140+
10000+ Tokens
Open SourceNoYesYesNoYes
 InterfacesBleutooth,   USB-CmicroSD,
Size, mm72x19x1254,5x25,4x9,664x39x10119,4x64x9,938x94x12
Screen 2FAYesYesYesYesYes
Exchange integration   Direct swap between    crypto
integration into the   software 
Buy and Sell Crypto
Buy and Sell Crypto in the BitBoxApp
Buy and Sell Crypto
Integrated exchange    platforms; 
Fiat-to-Crypto Gateways
Changelly, Coinify
CoinSwitch, ChangeHero,
Fox.Exchange, MorphToken

to the Shopto the Shop
to the Shopto the Shopto the Shop

*)Some technical specifications of the products may change. To get acquainted with the current parameters, visit the official websites and online stores of manufacturers.

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Non-air-gapped Hardware Wallets

Here are some popular non-air-gapped hardware wallets in the world.



The Ledger brand is the most popular hardware wallet brand in the world. They hold the advantage of being one of the first companies to manufacture hardware wallets. With their simple device design that looks like a USB stick and affordable pricing, the Ledger is an easy choice for many. Nevertheless, recent device hacks and database hacks have created many discussions online.

Ledger's most famous product, the Nano S uses a USB to connect with a computer to carry out transactions. 

The newest model, the Nano X, uses both USB and Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth allows the Nano X to connect with a smartphone as well to carry out transactions. It supports buying, selling, trading, accessing DAPP, managing NFTs which makes it a very useful wallet.



Trezor is the first company to manufacture hardware wallets for the masses. It is as famous and popular as Ledger. Trezor's best specialty is its open-source software. Many experienced traders prefer the Trezor because it is can be used with other third-party Apps outside of Trezor's PC App. 

The Trezor uses a USB cable to connect to the PC to carry out transactions. 

It supports buying, selling, trading, staking, managing NFTs, but no DAPPs.



Keevo is similar to Ledger X because it can utilize both USB and Bluetooth connections. It can be paired with a PC, smartphone APP, and also other 3rd party Apps. It is considered to be a very useful and versatile wallet.

One very unique feature of the Keevo is the fingerprint sensor that is used to verify the identity of the owner, similar to our smartphones. This helps increase the security of the wallet and makes sure that no one else except the fingerprint owner can unlock the wallet.

It supports buying, trading, DAPPs, and managing NFTs.

Air-gapped Cold Wallets

Although there are many great hardware wallets out there, it is best to choose ones that are air-gapped for the best security. With connections such as USB or Bluetooth, it provides attack vectors that hackers can exploit. 

Currently, every cold wallet depends on QR-code technology instead of USB or Bluetooth to keep its air-gapped state. The cold wallet will have a camera and it will be used to scan QR codes to perform set up and sign transactions. As using a camera to scan requires no physical or wireless connection, it allows the wallet to stay air-gapped.

Cold & Hot Wallet: ELLIPAL Titan + ELLIPAL Mobile App 

ELLIPAL Wallet App

The ELLIPAL App works individually as a hot wallet. It is compatible with the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet with the highest level of security.

ELLIPAL wallet App can be paired with ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet to hold your coins in cold storage. ELLIPAL Titan is the most secure hardware wallet with mobile support.

The ELLIPAL wallet is a simple, useful multi-purpose, hierarchically deterministic (HD) crypto wallet. Store, trade, earn and manage your crypto assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, DGB, BSV, BNB, HECO, XRP, XVG and more than 10000+.

  • Multi assets management: Easily manage all of your cryptos under one account. Open multiple accounts for different purposes.
  • Trade directly from the ELLIPAL wallet through coin exchange powered by Changelly, Swift.
  • Increase security through passphrase and two layers password lock.
  • Import accounts from other wallets easily through recovery phrase or private keys and more.
  • Up to date market charts, project info, and news.
  • 40+ blockchains, ERC20, BEP20, HRC20, TRC10/20, BNB, EOS tokens now supported
  • DAPP support of mainstream DiFi and NFT projects on ETH, HECO and HSC blockchains. Enjoy the DApps securely and easily just by connecting your wallet accounts.
  • Multiple financial services to increase the value of your digital assets.
  • Fast support channel: cs@ellipal.com

ELLIPAL Titan: What's Inside the Box of Titan?

ELLIPAL Titan: What's Inside the Box of Titan?
  • 1* ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet
  • 1* Security Adapter 
  • 1* Memory card 
  • 1* Instruction Manual
  • 1* Charging cord
  • 2* Mnemonics paper

Note: ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel is not included in the Box. It must be ordered and paid for separately. The price is $ 49.

ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

The product line includes ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

This is a strong metal device used to store important mnemonics words (seed phrase) and ensure that the backup of your wallet is stored for as long as possible.

ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel strictly follows the BIP39 standard mnemonics allowing users to store 12/15/18/21/24 words mnemonics. It is compatible to most hardware wallets and hot wallets on the market, like Trust Wallet, Jaxx, Exodus, Ledger Wallet, KeepKey, BitBox, Trezor and many others.

Box includes:

  • 1* ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal
  • 1* Screwdriver
  • 1* User manual
  • 7* Letter board 

ELLIPAL Titan Mini

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet is the most portable, easy-to-use, and secure hardware wallet you can get in 2022-2024.

With its air-gapped and fully metal seal design, it is created to keep your cryptocurrency secure from both online and offline threats. Air-gapped is the ultimate protection for your cryptocurrency against online hackers. 

Air-gapped means that the ELLIPAL Titan Mini cannot connect to any networks or devices. No port or hardware allows it to connect to USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, NFC, and more. Without any connection, any online attacks are futile. Furthermore, no malware can be installed due to no input ports available.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Specs

  • Size: 75*71*10.5mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Camera: 2M
  • LCD: 2.4" HD
  • Battery: 600 mAh

ELLIPAL Joy Seed Phrase Generator

ELLIPAL Joy Seed Phrase Generator

How do I use a mnemonic phrase safely?

The mnemonic phrase is a private key that is not encrypted. If someone did get hold of your mnemonic phrase, it is equivalent to taking control of your crypto assets.

ELLIPAL Joy Seed Phrase Generator is a useful innovative offline device in the ELLIPAL product line - The safest and most random way to generate mnemonic phrase.

  • True Random

Embed a true random number generator in the ST chipset that delivers 32-bit random numbers generated by an integrated analog circuit.

  • Offline

No contact with the network. Offline generation to prevent network attacks and absolute security.

  • Open source

Make the program public so that anyone can check the generated rules.

ELLIPAL Joy is a offline device that generates random mnemonic phrase.

ELLIPAL Joy strictly follows the BIP39 standard mnemonic phrase and allows users to generate 12/15/18/21/24-word mnemonic phrase. It is compatible with most hardware wallets and hot wallets on the market, such as Trezor wallet and trust wallet.

ELLIPAL Joy is a offline device that generates random mnemonic phrase.

What are your concerns?

  • Generating mnemonic phrase from online devices is a cyber hacking risk
  • Is the process of mnemonic phrase generation standard, secure and random?
  • Are you worried that the mnemonic phrase has been preset?

ELLIPAL Joy solves your worries

  • Runs in a completely isolated network environment.
  • ELLIPAL Joy strictly follows the BIP39 standard mnemonic phrase protocol.
  • The chip ensures the generation process is completely random.
  • Open source - all programs can be tested and verified
ELLIPAL Mnemonic Generator - On Sale!

Note: ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Generator on Sale: $39.90 - $49.90

ELLIPAL Security Adapter Plus

ELLIPAL Security Adapter Plus

ELLIPAL Security Adapter Plus is designed for ELLIPAL Titan


  • The main function of this security adapter is acting as an insurance door lock.
  • The security adapter avoids a direct connection to the data cable and also the data theft.
  • It provides closer connectivity with ELLIPAL Titan and ideal for charging conditions. No more worries about the charger coming off.


  • Updating the ELLIPAL Titan to its newest firmware is very simple!
  • Download our update file into the SD Card, put it inside the ELLIPAL security adapter plus, and select install update! It will be ready in a few minutes!
  • Update Tutorial: https://www.ellipal.com/pages/ellipal-update
ELLIPAL Titan Bundle: 1 ELLIPAL Cold Wallet, 1 ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal, 1 SD Card


This bundle includes:

  • 1*ELLIPAL Titan
  • 1*ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal 
  • 1*Memory card  

ELLIPAL Titan BUNDLE - Learn more >>>

ELLIPAL on Sale: Shop at a discount price



The ELLIPAL company is distinguished by a flexible pricing policy and offers an excellent price/quality ratio for its best products. 

ELLIPAL is constantly updating its online store, where you will always find favorable offers for all ELLIPAL products at the most affordable prices and with significant discounts.

ELLIPAL products can be purchased using various payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Boleto as well as using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) through the cryptocurrency payment system CoinPayments.

Upgrade your cryptocurrency's security today with ELLIPAL Gold Titan because your Digital Gold deserves it.

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A complete list of ELLIPAL products:

Available in the official ELLIPAL online store and on ELLIPAL Store Amazon US.

ELLIPAL Online Store

What is the Air-gapped Signing Mechanism?

The Air-gapped signing mechanism is a technology to enable crypto transaction signing without using any radio-frequencies or physical connection. This type of signing is usually done through QRcode communication, which uses image recognition technology and thus does not rely on any internet or external signal.

How does ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet apply with Air-gapped signing technology?

Instead of radio-frequencies, antenna, or USB, ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet adopts air-gapped signing mechanism to keep the device 100% offline. When a ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet user needs to send crypto from the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet to others, the user will create an unsigned transaction on the ELLIPALL App first, and transfer the unsigned transaction details to the ELLIPAL device through encrypted QR code. Once the ELLIPAL Cold wallet receives the unsigned transaction, it can sign and approve the transaction in an offline secure environment. After the transaction is signed, the signature can be transferred back to the ELLIPAL App through the encrypted QR code for further broadcasting. 

How Do Hardware Wallets Work? Advantages of air-gapped hardware wallets

Cold wallets vary in the way they operate, some use Bluetooth or USB ports, and others use QR codes.

In contrast, some might think that Bluetooth connections or USB may not be safe, but that type of connection is limited, and your private keys never leave your cold wallet.

However, if you’re not the Bluetooth or USB type, you can still go for an air-gapped cold wallet. That type of wallets is designed to keep the device in absolute isolation from the world. But, an air-gapped cold wallet uses QR codes to sign transactions.

ELLIPAL Titan Cod Wallet: You can scan QR codes to make transactions seamlessly

ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet: You can scan QR codes to make transactions seamlessly

The first question that comes to mind is how do I make transactions? Many cold wallets have their own integrations that are compatible with either computers or mobile phones or both of them.

For example, to send a transaction using a hardware wallet with a USB connection. Firstly, connect the device to your computer, enter the recipient’s address and the amount you are willing to transact in an integration that works with your device. Now comes the good part; you need to confirm the transaction on the device. What happens under the hood is that your private key is in the device and never leaves it, but the USB connection is only used to transfer the signature confirmation

What about using an air-gapped cold wallet? The same concept, use integration on your mobile or computer to enter the recipient’s address and instead of connecting via USB, ask the device to confirm a transaction. It’ll display a QR code, scan it, and you are good to go. Of course, that comes after confirming your device’s ownership, like entering a PIN code or something like that.

What is Air-gapped Security?

The ELLIPAL Titan is well known for its air gapped hardware wallet solution but what does air-gapped mean and how does it contribute to security?

Air-gapped describes a state where a device or a system becomes fully disconnected from other devices and systems. It is the maximum protection for a device or system against hacking.

An air-gapped state can be achieved by isolating a device or system electromagnetically, electronically, and, most importantly physically - from other networks, especially those that are not secure.

Ellipal Titan Cold Wallet: Air Gap Technology

Why Hardware Wallets Must Be Air-Gapped

Hardware wallets are used to store private keys and prevent anyone from stealing it in any way possible. If a hardware wallet can be fully air-gapped at all times, there will be no way for hackers to reach the private keys inside, hence being incredibly secure.

Not only that, if the hardware wallet is infested with malware, your keys will not be broadcasted out because there is no outlet. Similarly, hacker can never be able to control your wallet remotely because its not possible to form a connection to begin with.

The most popular air-gapped hardware wallets in 2023-2024


Keystone Hardware Wallet (Formerly Cobo Vault): 100% Air-gapped QR code communication hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BCH, XRP, Tron, LTC, Dash, Polkadot, Kusama and 1000+ crypto. Keystone offers convenient cold storage solution with an open source firmware and PSBT multisig support.

Keystone is considered a well-built cold wallet and gives a high-end feeling. It isn't entirely made out of metal but it is sturdy and has a large color touch screen. A special feature is that it has a detachable battery so the wallet itself doesn't need any USB charging port, a very unique design. Overall, a very secure cold wallet. It pairs with its smartphone App for transactions and setup. 

Despite being very secure, its usability is quite disappointing. Support for coins is still few and there is no buying, selling, trading, etc. features like the other wallets.


SafePal securely stores your crypto assets in the most simple and easy way. Truly mobile-friendly, supporting major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, and all ERC20 tokens in one wallet. Start your worry-free crypto life with SafePal everywhere, every day

SafePal is one of the new faces of wallets that has gained a lot of popularity in a short time thanks to the fact that it is endorsed by the biggest exchange in the world, Binance. It is also one of the cheapest wallets in the market, making it a good choice for new investors of cryptocurrency. The SafePal pairs with its smartphone App to perform transactions with QR code.

SafePal securely stores your crypto assets in the most simple and easy way. Truly mobile-friendly, supporting major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, and all ERC20 tokens in one wallet. Start your worry-free crypto life with SafePal everywhere, every day

It supports buying, trading, staking, DAPPs, and managing NFTs. A very useful wallet. 

Nonetheless, the build quality of the wallet itself may not be satisfactory for some as it is made of plastic and comes with a small screen and a few buttons only. Many users may feel it is not suitable for long-term use. The SafePal still uses a USB to charge the device and carry out updates.


NGRAVE ZERO uses the most advanced cryptographic protocols along with firmware that has earned the highest security certification in the world, EAL7. Whereas competing hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor rely on a USB connection or Bluetooth, NGRAVE removes the need for any connection (USB, WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, NFC), instead using wall charging and QR codes to remain fully air gapped even while conducting transactions and creating accounts. All of these features are packaged in a design-focused user interface with a 4-inch touchscreen.


Launching alongside the ZERO wallet is NGRAVE GRAPHENE, the first recoverable backup in the industry. Replacing antiquated paper wallets, GRAPHENE is a cryptographic puzzle consisting of two durable stainless steel plates and fully resistant to shocks, rain, fire, and other damage.


The company’s end-to-end solution also features NGRAVE LIQUID, a mobile app that syncs all generated accounts from each hardware wallet. This allows each user to easily consult real-time balances or ask to receive transactions. Communication between the NGRAVE ZERO and the NGRAVE LIQUID app occurs through QR codes. This way, the app never has access to the ZERO’s secret keys, protecting users from any online attack vectors.

NGRAVE ZERO is a completely offline and physically tamper-proof hardware wallet. Thus, eliminating any sort of remote attack vectors. It was designed and developed from scratch with security as its core purpose and is manufactured in Belgium.

  • 100% Offline. Zero Online Attack Vectors.Generate your keys offline.
  • The NGRAVE ZERO generates your private keys offline and never exposes them afterwards. The device is completely "air-gapped", meaning it does not rely on any kind of network connection capability (such as WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC), nor does it require USB
  • Fully Tamper proof
  • Large Touchscreen
  • Multi-currency

NGRAVE: A Wall Between Offline and Online

  • Offline:

Your private keys are generated on and never leave the NGRAVE ZERO. The only communication that occurs to the outside world is done through QR codes that never contain any sensitive information.

  • Online: 

Your NGRAVE LIQUID app is your last mile connection to the blockchain. Syncing accounts as well as initiating and signing transactions all happen via QR code communication with the ZERO.

NGRAVES - Seamless QR-codes

One-way QR Code Communication:

Securely Sign Transactions Offline in 5 Simple Steps:

  • Initiate transaction

Create a transaction request on your NGRAVE app

  • Scan request

Scan the QR code generated by the app with your ZERO

  • Verify and sign

Verify and sign the transaction request offline on your ZERO

  • Scan signature

Scan the transaction signature on the ZERO with your app

  • Send to the blockchain

Have your transaction broadcasted to &  recorded on the blockchain 

NGRAVE integrates QR-code technology to enable fully “air-gapped” interactions between the company’s hardware wallet NGRAVE ZERO and mobile app NGRAVE LIQUID

The way this setup works is that:

  • users first create a cryptocurrency transaction request on the app.
  • This prompts the software to generate the QR code that needs to be scanned with the ZERO, and users will then have to verify and sign the transaction request on the device.
  • Following this, the wallet generates a signature that needs to be scanned with the app, which finally sends the transaction to the blockchain.

As such, the communication protocol never needs a USB or direct network connection such as 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth or other.

NGRAVE overcomes the security vulnerabilities of QR codes by having users verify the transaction details generated by the LIQUID mobile app. Also, QR codes created by the ZERO are immutable and can’t be changed by hackers in any way.

This method enables the ZERO to stay forever offline and yet communicate with the outside world in a safe and protected way. The QR code technology thus acts as a shield that prevents hackers from breaking into the wallet and stealing users’ private keys.

NGRAVE: Ensuring that the crypto industry achieves its full potential

QR code technology has been around for more than two decades. It’s proven its robustness in the face of ever-growing security threats, and hundreds of millions of people intuitively know how to handle the famed 2D codes.

NGRAVE is not the first to air gap its hardware wallet, but the security of the ZERO is unparalleled, with the highest attainable EAL security certification in the world: EAL7.

NGRAVE ZERO Discover The Only EAL7 Crypto Wallet In The World

Integrating extreme security in every step of the customer journey, NGRAVE has positioned itself at the forefront of efforts to protect cryptocurrencies from criminals and ensure that the blockchain industry can achieve its full potential. 

Having the best characteristics, the NGRAVE is not only a very expensive wallet, but you can't get it here and now. You have to order a NGRAVE wallet and wait for its delivery, after its manufacture.

You can get a ELLIPAL Cold wallet immediately with a discount, arrange delivery and order additional accessories.

Passport Hardware Wallet

Foundation logo
Passport Hardware Wallet

The cryptocurrency hardware wallet of the next generation Passport, simplifies secure storage and introduces the user to a new unique form of digital currencies known as bitcoin. The device looks like a mobile phone, which perfectly masks it from intruders. Passport supports multisig and has an intuitive interface that any beginner will understand.

The key feature of the Passport hardware wallet, which distinguishes it from other devices - is the ability to make two types of backup: to an industrial micro-SD card and a standard BIP39 (24 English words). 

The wallet manufacturer recommends that its users first of all make a backup to microSD cards, which are included in the package in the amount of two pieces. Backups on a microSD card are encrypted with an additional password; BIP39 backup is suggested to be used by advanced users. It is worth considering that BIP39 is the main surface for attacking a user's digital assets. 

In other words, Passport is the only wallet in the crypto industry that successfully minimizes the risks of compromising your mnemonic phrase.

The Passport (Founder's Edition) open source cold wallet is made of premium materials: plastic, pleasant to the touch, steel and zinc alloy. The 1.8-inch LCD display of the device is tamper-proof. A PIN code using simple buttons and the PSET function will ensure complete security of funds in the wallet.

Make quick transactions via QR codes without the need to connect to a PC or other devices via Bluetooth.

Assembled in the USA: the components from which the wallet is made guarantee the reliability of the device. Removable AAA batteries are used for power, which are easy to change.

  • Price: $199.00 (When ordering and buying a wallet in the Passport official online store).
  • When buying from official resellers, the price of the wallet is much more expensive.

Just like the NGRAVE wallet, the Passport is issued in limited batches and its delivery is expected for several months. In addition, the Passport has limited capabilities and functions compared to the ELLIPAL wallet.

ELLIPAL Cold Wallet

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet

ELLIPAL is the only air-gapped wallet in the world, which has a full product line to ensure transactions with cryptocurrencies, buy and sell, store your bitcoins, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies and to ensure their security. All in one product -

You can order a ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet and bundles at the ELLIPAL official online store with a discount of up to 30% and receive shipping to any country in the world in 2-3 days. You can get a leather case for free!

ELLIPAL Titan Is The Best Air-Gapped Hardware Wallet

ELLIPAL Titan uses a unique technique of transferring information compared to other hardware wallets. While many wallets rely on USB and Bluetooth to sign your transactions, ELLIPAL Titan relies on QR codes only. Users can directly scan this visual information without needing any connections.

Thanks to our QR code technology, we were able to design the ELLIPAL Titan to not support any connections. The ELLIPAL Titan circuit board was made not to be compatible with Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular. Users can observe that the ELLIPAL Titan is void of any ports, blocking all physical connections.

On top of this, the ELLIPAL Titan has anti-tamper and anti-disassembly features which protect your coins from supply chain and evil maid attacks. This gives a very effective protection against offline attacks.

The ELLIPAL Titan is fully protected against all threats at all times.

Ellipal Titan Wallet: Complete Isolation

Use the Coupon Code "178490" and get a discount of $ 5 when buying an ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet in the official ELLIPAL online store.

The ELLIPAL Titan has a favorable price/quality/capabilities parameter and its price is $ 139. ️Ships in 1-2 business days; ️1-year warranty. 

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet
ELLIPAL Family Plus


Verdict: Best Air-gapped Wallet of 2023-2024

Compared to many years ago when cold wallets were terms used for customized network isolated computers, cold wallets of today are much more useful and easy to obtain. There is no reason to not choose a cold wallet and ignore its obvious security advantage. That being said, there are also a few choices to make when choosing a cold wallet.

Our best choice of 2023-2024 is ELLIPAL because it is the best all-around in terms of security, hardware build, and usability. 

In terms of security, there is no doubt that it is very secure. It is a 100% offline air-gapped device with no ports or equipment that can connect it to the internet. It also has anti-disassembly and anti-tamper features, meaning it can also protect against physical attacks, in case someone wants to tamper with the hardware itself.

In terms of hardware, it is fully made out of metal and is very strong. It won't be easily broken and is very suitable to hold your coins for the long term. Despite being made out of metal, it is not heavy and fits perfectly in the hand, a very satisfying design. 

In terms of usability, it is also rated very highly. The number of coins supported means you can store almost every currency that you invest in, into this one device. With other supported features, you can also easily carry out the usual trading and investing directly on the wallet. It is very useful for beginners and experts traders alike. 

Do you think the ELLIPAL Titan is the best air-gapped cold wallet of 2022? Let us know in the comment below!

A brief description

ELLIPAL Titan is a hardware wallet that uses offline QR codes to sign transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike most hardware wallets, the ELLIPAL Titan cannot be connected to external devices via USB, Wifi or Bluetooth. This ensures maximum protection of the user's private keys.

Another feature of the wallet is a large touch and color display, which displays all the important information.

Equipped with an ELLIPAL 1400 mAh rechargeable battery, which can support up to 259 hours of operation!

The sealed housing of the device is made of metal, which provides protection from physical impact, shock and compression. The accessories of the wallet reliably protects from moisture and dust. 

All you need to use the wallet is to generate or restore an existing wallet with a mnemonic phrase (BIP39), download the official ELLIPAL app for iOS or Android and mark the necessary portfolio currencies. The export of public addresses to the smartphone application is carried out in one touch via the device.

The product line includes ELLIPAL Mnemonics Metal. This is a strong metal device used to store important mnemonics of 12/15/18/21/24 words and ensure that the backup of your wallet is stored for as long as possible.

The ELLIPAL Titan has a favorable price/quality/capabilities parameter and its price is $ 139.

️Ships in 1-2 business days; ️1-year warranty. 


ELLIPAL Titan is an air-gap hardware wallet that uses offline QR codes to sign cryptocurrency transactions. Unlike most other hardware wallets, the ELLIPAL Titan cannot be connected to external devices via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This ensures maximum protection of the user's private keys.

ELLIPAL Titan is one of the most popular and best hardware wallets compared to others. Here are its unique technical characteristics, consumer properties and competitive advantages: absolute protection against remote, physical, network attacks, protection against disassembly and hacking, full control when transferring data from a cold wallet using a QR code, no need for a network connection.

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ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet

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