BitBar: Swiss-Engineered Seed Phrase Wallet

BiiBar Seed Phrase Backup:

  • The World's Most Secure Offline Crypto Wallet.
  • Swiss-Engineered Seed Phrase Wallet With 24 Words & No Online Security Threats.

BitBar makes a new world of security possible where digital wealth is never compromised by forgotten passwords or a misplaced device. In this secure world, BitBar provides a fail-safe method for storing critical seed phrases. It's the trusty vault for consumers' virtual value, engineered to withstand anything thrown its way.

The BitBar seed phrase wallet is Swiss-engineered in a hexagonal bar with grooved sides that lock in place to protect seed phrases. It allows users to back up a maximum of 24 words. 

BitBar is fully compatible with all wallets that follow the BIP39 standard for mnemonic seed phrases, supporting 12, 18, and 24-word recovery phrases. It is also compatible with a wide variety of today’s top wallets and supports both cold and hot wallets. The BitBar crypto wallet allows users to store the first four letters of seed phrases.

BitBar is the ultimate physical backup tool for your cryptocurrency recovery seed phrases. Don't compromise on security when it comes to your crypto investments. Buy Now. Exquisite Swiss 🇨🇭 Design To Protect Your Wealth/Assets Over Generations. Swiss Engineered: This exquisite Swiss design features a hexagonal bar with grooves on all six sides that seamlessly mates with the sleeve. Heavy weight (515g) that feels precious with a premium finish. Get BitBar Now.

Losing access to a crypto wallet due to a forgotten password or a lost, corrupted, or stolen device is a stressful situation. And when the only way to recover your account is via a seed phrase, remembering these phrases is critical and can mean the difference between maintaining access to thousands or even millions in cryptocurrency or losing it forever. With this in mind, BitBar developed the leading secure offline solution for seed phrase storage.

"Storing seed phrases on paper or your phone or laptop is a dangerous way to store this information," said BitBar founder Denis Elbs.

"Paper can be lost or easily destroyed. Laptops and phones can be corrupted or hacked. Each scenario puts you in a precarious situation, leaving you to gamble with your crypto investments. BitBar’s stainless steel wallet offers security with an exceptionally resilient structure. It also offers a recovery phrase split approach that allows you to split your recovery phrase up across three bars, so that in the chance your wallet is stolen, no one will gain access to your full seed phrase.”

The BitBar crypto wallet allows users to store the first four letters of seed phrases. BitBar employs this approach since only the first four letters are needed for the BIP39 list. Once a user enters the first four letters of a seed phrase, they will be able to determine the rest of the word by referencing it on the BIP39 list. Some wallets now also auto-complete the seed word once the first four letters are entered.

BitBar weighs in at 515 g and comes with the hexagonal seed phrase wallet, a stainless steel sleeve, 256 letter tiles, a hex key, a screw to lock the wallet, and a tamper-proof security sticker. The hexagonal bar seamlessly slides into the indestructible sleeve, ensuring ultimate security and protection. 

BitBar has been tested and proven to be fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof.

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Compared to other seed phrase wallets, BitBar delivers unparalleled quality, ease of use, and durable construction. BitBar users have offered rave reviews for the product, noting the quality and consistency of the stamped letters, the ability to easily correct errors by changing out the pre-stamped letters, and the ease and speed of setting up BitBar.

Setting up BitBar is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes and requires no tools. Simply remove BitBar from the secure sleeve, insert the letter tiles corresponding to your seed phrases, and then close and seal for protection.

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BitBar: Swiss-Engineered Seed Phrase Wallet