13 Dec

On December 13, 2023, the leading manufacturer of OneKey hardware wallets launched a new OneKey Classic x OKX limited edition crypto wallet.

Buy OneKey x OKX limited edition to have OneKey x OKX NFT! 

Buy OneKey x OKX limited edition to have OneKey x OKX NFT!

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OneKey Classic x OKX Hardware Wallet: Limited Edition

This novel integration with OKX Wallet was initiated on 31st Oct 2023, providing security to your assets while navigating the expansive realm of Web3 on the OKX platform. As the inaugural hardware wallet team to receive funds from Coinbase, OneKey showcases its prowess in the sector. High-profile investors including Ribbit Capital, Framework Ventures, Dragonfly, IOSG, Sky9, Folius, and Ethereal give credit to OneKey’s potential. With a whopping $20 million Series A funding in Q1 2023, OneKey ascends to an $85 million valuation. There are also credible plans to enter the Hong Kong stock market soon, marking OneKey as a high-tech company with technological ambitions.

Fondly compared to ‘Apple’ by users, OneKey’s commitment to hardware development necessitates a delicate equilibrium between style and security, championed by an unwavering R&D team. Annual spending into double-digit figures is dedicated to research and development, as stated by OneKey’s founder, Yishi, in a Yahoo interview. 

Open-source at its core and employing an independent security chip adds a sturdy layer of defense to user assets through a dual-chip security structure, mitigating digital currency theft risks. Notably, strategic R&D alliances with tech behemoths like STMicroelectronics and Macronix underpin OneKey’s edge. Their core team houses stalwarts from global tech giants such as ByteDance, Intel, Huawei, OKX, and Cobo.


By year-end, Yishi anticipates unveiling a fresh product series. “An upgraded OneKey Touch is in the works, promising a lighter, slender, more potent design, teamed with novel encryption modules”. OneKey’s standing in mainland China and South America is commendable, achieving an admirable market share and earning respect from numerous Web3 founders. Promptly, intensified efforts will be directed towards Europe, North American and Middle Eastern markets.